In the 2008, Nigeria went through an industrial revolution demanding entrepreneurs to step up and join the nation's economic growth. This ripe period for industries proved to be conducive for the growth of Quantum.

Quantum first ventured into manufacturing in 2008 with plastic and steel and further in 2014 we expanded into paper packaging. We have generated over 2000 employment opportunities. The group manufactures -

  • Flexible packaging film, shrink film, shopping bags, HDPE and PP ropes
  • TMT rods, square rods, wire rods, nails, BRC mesh, binding wire
  • Corrugated boxes and mono cartons

We provide our customers with a complete range of products, as well as comprehensive technical and design services and exceptional customer service to fulfill their packaging needs.

Nigeria's market, being dynamic as it is, consistent and quality supply is a must to be a competent player in the industry. Quantum Group has realized this requirement of the market and thus provides a one-stop-shop for packaging solutions including plastic and paper packaging.

While producing products of unrivalled quality for you, we ensure we do our bit for the society. Our paper and plastic waste is 100% recycled and repurposed. Our top-of-the-line machines ensure energy consumption is minimal. We support our staff in as many ways as we can. We also directly support the community that helps us create value. Thus, ensuring we do our bit to conserve the limited resources provided to us.


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